Charlotte McKernan


generative random dots - gen052921-1d-2

Hi, I’m Charlie. I’m an architect-in-training1 in the Southwest USA.

My first and laziest instinct is to have this entry be simply a “hello, world!” post. I could throw in some vague comments about how this is, in fact, a web blog with a hasty promise about how it’ll have content eventually. In lieu of that, let me be slightly more direct. Here are a few basic types of entries that I hope to collect here:

  1. Regular updates (even small) about what I’m doing/thinking/working on

  2. Snippets of art, writing, or other creative things to encourage consistent practice

  3. Occasional commentary and musings on architecture and design

I may experiment with some more structured post formats à la Four Things in the future. Mostly I’d like to be accountable to myself for structured thinking and making things again. 🤞

  1. (Legally speaking, I am an intern architect.) 

May 29, 2021  @sinclarius