Charlotte McKernan

I'm Charlotte (but you can call me Charlie). I'm a designer and developer. My work spans across disciplines, including front‑end web development, concept art/illustration, 3D modeling, and data visualization. I was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and studied in Japan and Switzerland. My background is in architecture, communication design, and environmental research.

I help to solve complex problems through design. I currently work in the design/construction industry. Until recently, I collaborated with a team at RS21 on a combination of information design, user experience research, and process/service optimization projects.

In my spare time, I tinker with creative coding, digital fabrication, and hand embroidery. I enjoy sketching, traveling, taking photos, and contributing to OpenStreetMap.


Visual communication and 2D/3D design, including: front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, d3, and Python), GIS/cartography, UX research/strategy, data viz, UI design, editorial/print design, 3D modeling, illustration, typography, and photography.

Work Experience

  1. Project Management Assistant at PBI Construction Consulting (Oct 2019 to present)
  2. UX Architect at RS21, Design Team (Jun 2018 to Oct 2019)
  3. Designer/Technical Writer at RS21, Design Team (Jun 2017 to Jun 2018)
  4. Creative Technologist at RS21, Development Team (May 2016 to Oct 2016)
  5. Web Developer at UNM SA+P, designed and deployed the Albuquerque Modernism site (Sep 2015 to Jan 2016)

Other Experience

  1. Participant in the 2019 Global Sustainability Summer School on Urban Sustainability at the Santa Fe Institute (Summer 2019)


  1. M.Arch in Architecture (Graduated with distinction, Tau Sigma Delta) from UNM SA+P, May 2017
  2. B.A. in Environmental Studies, Communication/Media Studies (Double major, graduated magna cum laude) from Franklin University Switzerland, Dec 2013


  1. Vogelaar, Alison E., and Charlotte M. McKernan. "Making Space for a Revolution: ­Occupy Wall Street as a Maker Movement." In Making Our World:­ the Hacker and Maker Movements in Context edited by Jeremy Hunsinger and Andrew R. Schrock, 318 pp. Digital Formations. New York: Peter Lang, 2019.
  2. “Worldbuilding:­ A Survey of Games and Architecture at Play.” Masters thesis, UNM SA+P, 2017.